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Marian Luft / Energy Drink – (Valicon Silly) – End of Materialism @ myhouseinvegas.com

MARIAN LUFT at My House In Vegas:

Okay, I put just a little meth in there to get you addicted and keep you coming back.
Let me make something else clear: I pissed in every bottle.
Homemade concoction.

www.myhouseinvegas.com / www.marianluft.org


My House In Vegas is an artist-run project space founded in late 2014. It offers artists a binary platform to create and present a new work. The work is installed in a physical – offline – space but exhibited online; encouraging the artist to find a way to do so.

The offline space is a 20m2 studio located in East-Berlin. The online space is this website. The residency takes place over a 3 day period & there is one rule: the walls & ceiling are to be ignored.