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a lill old but still up2date: the

In order to celebrate’s first anniversary Claudia Maté and Carlos Sáez curated a collaborative video following the same system as they do in : 5 artists were invited to create a short video of 30 sec. Again,they had total freedom to work on any concept, esthetic or texture. Acompanied with a soundtrack by Yoshi Sodeoka, the 5 videos by Chris Timms, Rollin Leonard, Jasper Elings, Anthony Antonellis and Emilio Gomariz were joined together with transitions in order to create a fluid story.

00:0000:30 Chris Timms (
00:3000:42 / 01:3001:37 Carlos Saez + DMNTIA ( + (
00:4200:59 Rollin Leonard (
00:5901:29 Jasper Elings (
01:3702:04 Anthony Antonellis (
02:0403:15 Emilio Gomariz (
03:1504:00 Claudia Mate (

Music by Yoshi Sodeoka (

Curated by