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We still find pleasure thinking about art on the moon, but as our earthly climate, or even our social climates, sustain life on Earth, our fantasies requires some parameters.


Frankly, it would be difficult to do a bad show on the moon.


The moon is cold and inhospitable to art.

Jenifer_Nails_Smoothie_Conference_Amy_Granat_Annina_Herzer_web1000_03 Jenifer_Nails_Smoothie_Conference_Amy_Granat_Annina_Herzer_web1000_04

Unprotected from assaults by space debris and the sun, no structure could withstand these conditions for long.

Jenifer_Nails_Smoothie_Conference_Amy_Granat_Annina_Herzer_web1000_05 Jenifer_Nails_Smoothie_Conference_Amy_Granat_Annina_Herzer_web1000_06

Economic conditions already prevent many nations from making a claim, and, do we remember when the Americans bombed the moon? Jenifer_Nails_Smoothie_Conference_Amy_Granat_Annina_Herzer_web1000_07

By now, the Apollo program left plenty of flags, golf balls, and scrap metal – and who knows what other substantial earthly ballast human conspiracies have forever entrusted to the moon’s darker regions.

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At some point, art and artists must be chosen for the lunar show. In this case, we would suggest a selection: some friends, a student, someone from our hometowns, and a few artists with whom we’ve gained an intimacy through their work.


It would certainly be a temporary exhibition. Jenifer_Nails_Smoothie_Conference_Amy_Granat_Annina_Herzer_web1000_11 Jenifer_Nails_Smoothie_Conference_Amy_Granat_Annina_Herzer_web1000_12 Jenifer_Nails_Smoothie_Conference_Amy_Granat_Annina_Herzer_web1000_13

Maybe we also saw that neither precious things, nor garbage belong in space. Error, in a void so hostile to life, can lead to catastrophe and threat would be embedded in every aspect of an exhibition of art on the moon. Jenifer_Nails_Smoothie_Conference_Amy_Granat_Annina_Herzer_web1000_14

And anywhere we’re not would be ideal to where we are, especially when art and the moon are concerned.


All text fragments taken from Sam Korman’s text ‚Art On The Moon‘, available here http://www.jenifernails.com/Amy-Granat-Annina-Herzer-pres-SMOOTHIE-CONFERENCE

Amy Granat & Annina Herzer present
with: Tina Braegger, Cédric Eisenring, Katharina Fengler, Lanny Jordan Jackson, text by Sam Korman, Carlos Reyes, Edo Rosenblith
Opening 10. April.
Show is running from 11. April bis 23. Mai 2015.

Jenifer Nails
Kaiserpassage, Laden 41
Kaiserstraße 62-64
60329 Frankfurt / Main