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The Lazy Sunbathers @ Sies + Höke

Surfing on local internet i discoverd good looking pics on website of sies+höke. grabed it down to harddiskstorage for later posting.
… later is now.
show has modern style, fresh and young looking images and things, combined with slick looking contemporary attitude. thats the way we wanna see dis arty shit. thanx to all who spend energy and time into making show. most work was done by Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Radamés Juni Figueroa, Sayre Gomez, Van Hanos, Daniel Keller, Jack Lavender, Rose Marcus, Travess Smalley and Philipp Timischl.

all pics from website. thank you sies+höke for sharing the copy etc.

Sies_und_Hoeke_Galerie1_o Sies_und_Hoeke_Galerie2_o Sies_und_Hoeke_Galerie3_o Sies_und_Hoeke_Galerie4_o Sies_und_Hoeke_Galerie5_o Sies_und_Hoeke_Galerie6_o Sies_und_Hoeke_Galerie7_o