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Eight Weeks – Time on the Internet

The open minded people from Rhineland already know yvonne klasen from her very good job doing at boutique ebertplatz in cologne. what some of these boys and girls do not know is, that yvonne is also making excellent internet artstuff, often with focus on time. because of this its ok using hashtg #timebasedNetart now for her new work. she has developed this digital project called ‚Eight Weeks‚ for the online exhibition plattform ‚space‚, which is curated and supported by cologne based design studio 0815.
by the way, great to know we also have global online gallery now here in the local area. i really like the fact! hope to see more soon.

Eight Weeks

Eight Weeks = 4.838.400 seconds.
During this time span Yvonne Klasen measures time in pixels in the context of her exhibition „Eight Weeks“.
1 second = 1 pixel
The visitor can see the work growing in realtime and experience its dimensions through scrolling. A digital tape measure is created live, pixel for pixel for pixel.

Within the exhibition „Eight Weeks“ an edition is published.


Eight Weeks
4. Sept. 2015, 19.00 Uhr until 30. Okt. 2015